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Ball Striker News:

Marlon Matthews is imperssive in his win at The Architects' Shippen Cup Event
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Keith Kirkland wins the first Shippen Cup event of 2022 at Fox Holllow.
lick here to see the Fox Hollow event results

Tony Jenkins goes back to back as Ball Striker 2021 Club Champion. Burnell Williams wins Net Club Champ. Errol Blake wins 2021 Shippen Cup Title.
Click here to see 2021 Club Champ weekend results.

Can you name the tune that plays when you are on the Ball Striker home page??? Click here for details.
Congrats to Mel LuSane for correctly naming "Places And Spaces" by Donald Byrd.


Nj Ballstrikers Golf Club          
Handicap Index Report          
Revision Date 5/28/2020          
(By Name)     (By H.I.)    
Name H.I.   Name H.I.  
Bruce Arthur 21.6   David Williams 9.1  
Garrick Bell 15.1   Brad Leak 9.7  
Derrick Bethune 17.8   Avery Hackett 10.8  
Errol Blake 21.8   Joseph  Pack 11.4  
Jesse Branson 19.4   Allen Smith 11.7  
Demetrius  Brock 22.6   Zack Yamba 13.1  
Maurice Brown 15.5   Darryl  Jeffries 13.2  
Michael Conrad 16.3   Walter  McNeil 13.8  
Anthony Darby 22.2   Garrick Bell 15.1  
Earl Fraser 20.9   Maurice Brown 15.5  
Walter Frye 22.6   Raymond Woolfolk 15.6  
Avery Hackett 10.8   Michael Conrad 16.3  
Joseph Holloway 34.7   Greg Ward 16.5  
Darryl  Jeffries 13.2   Rod  Lebrew 17.3  
Anthony  Joyner 29.6   George Thomas 17.4  
Brad Leak 9.7   Derrick Bethune 17.8  
Rod  Lebrew 17.3   George Weekes 18.3  
Hugh Lecky 19.4   Donald  Rucker 18.4  
Melvin Lusane 19.8   Jesse Branson 19.4  
Joe  McLaughlin 26.6   Hugh Lecky 19.4  
Walter  McNeil 13.8   Melvin Lusane 19.8  
Joseph  Pack 11.4   Eli White 20.3  
Donald  Rucker 18.4   Earl Fraser 20.9  
Allen Smith 11.7   Bruce Arthur 21.6  
George Thomas 17.4   Errol Blake 21.8  
Greg Ward 16.5   Anthony Darby 22.2  
George Weekes 18.3   Demetrius  Brock 22.6  
Greg Whitaker 32.8   Walter Frye 22.6  
Eli White 20.3   Burnell Williams 23.9  
Burnell Williams 23.9   Joe  McLaughlin 26.6  
David Williams 9.1   Anthony  Joyner 29.6  
Raymond Woolfolk 15.6   Greg Whitaker 32.8  
Zack Yamba 13.1   Joseph Holloway 34.7  
All members of the Ball Strikers are assigned a GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) number. This number and your name identifies you in the USGA handicap system. For all Ball Striker events member's scores are posted to the handicap system by the club. Scores for all other rounds played by members should be posted by the members online or using tghe GHIN app. Click on the POST ONLINE LINK below to post your scores. You must enter your GHIN number and name to post a score online. Once a score is posted online you cannot change it. Posting errors can only be corrected by one of the club's GHIN coordinators (see names and contact info below). If you do not wish to post your scores yourself, you can submit your scorecards to one of the club's GHIN coordinators for posting. It is important to post all of your scores in a timely manner to keep your handicap current.

Please note that GHIN sends out updates of handicap indexes on the 1st and 15th of every month during the golf season. Handicaps are updated daily.
All posted scores should be adjusted using ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) procedures. Click Here for an explanation of this simple procedure.
  Ball Striker GHIN Coordinators    
    George Weekes  
    Derrick Bethune